P90X3 Best Court Shoes Asics Men's Gell Rocket 7

Best Shoes for P90X3

Best Shoes for P90X3

The Best Shoes for P90X3, and as Tony Horton always talks about, the “Right” shoes for a P90X3 workout, and I’ve come to realize he’s 100% correct that running shoes aren’t going to work out for P90X3. Running shoes are designed to propel you forward, not side to side. Wearing running shoes while doing a P90X3 workout will in the end likely cause injury, or simply make it harder to do the routines. The best shoes for P90X3 and other Beachbody workouts are court shoes. Think about it, court shoes are worn by basketball players, volleyball players, and tennis players, each sport requires start and stop motion in any direction which is exactly what happens in P90X3. So listen to Tony Horton and buy court shoes!

Running Shoes

I was always a no-shoes workout person, or my typical running shoes, when I did a workout at home.  When barefoot I enjoyed the freedom of no shoes, but I did feel the jumping wasn’t great for my knees, or at time with certain moves I would feel I might get a rug burn, so I didn’t push it as hard.  When I wore running shoes I had the support needed, but in a lot of the side to side movements my shoes would almost trip me up as they were too grippy on the outside of the soles.  So in a crossover move, or lateral runs, I’d have to be aware of the fact I might fall.  With running shoes I limited myself and didn’t get a whole lot out of each move.

Running shoes are designed for running, and when you run, you run forward.  The design is such that it allows a certain foot strike on the ground, to both minimize injury, and to help you run forward.  The design also has a higher heel, as when you run you lean forward a bit, and the higher heel helps both support your foot, as well as to help propel you forward.

Court Shoes

Once I switched to court shoes I felt as if a light bulb went off.  I finally had support AND I could move side to side!  The shoes allowed me to focus on the workout and moves.  I felt like I got more out of each workout, and I felt the shoes were a great purchase.  Ultimately if you want to get the most out of P90X3, you owe it to yourself to buy court shoes.

Which Court Shoes are the best?

You can always go to Amazon and search for the best shoes.  I spent a lot of time searching on Amazon, and found these to be the highest rated.  With the Asics you can’t beat the price, and the quality is outstanding.  The Asics are offered in a men’s shoe and a women’s shoe, and are designed for Volleyball.  Volleyball also has lots of side to side, fast stops, and need to support your knees and lower body.  These shoes are the highest rated on Amazon, check them out for yourself, I’m sure you will love them.

Best Shoes for P90X3 Workout are the the Asics Gell for Women
P90X3 Best Shoes for Women – Asics Gel 7
Best Shoes for P90X3 Workout are the Asics Men's Gell Rocket 7
P90X3 Best Shoes Asics Men’s Gel Rocket 7