Tony Horton's Power Stands Required for best results with P90X3

Tony Horton’s PowerStands Review

Tony Horton’s PowerStands

Tony Horton's Power Stands Required for best results with P90X3
Tony Horton’s Power Stands Required for best results with P90X3

Tony Horton’s Powerstands aren’t required, and are in fact listed as optional in the many P90X3 workouts, but I’ve found that not only do they help me get deeper into my pushups, but also to help place my hands in the right location for each type of pushup.  Before P90X3 I thought I had really understood how to do a pushup, I mean I’ve been doing them since I was a kid, but watching and doing P90X3 over the years I’ve learned several key items I had missed since I was a kid.  From elbow position, hand position, as well as the different types of pushups to target different parts of my chest.

Why PowerStands?

Have you ever done a lot of pushups, but find that your hands or wrists are hurting before your chest is hurting?  Or maybe that you feel you could do more pushups if it was a little more comfortable?  Or for those that do a lot of pushups but want to get more out of each pushup?  Then for these cases, and many others, these power stands are really going to help.    Tony Horton’s powerstands are essentially two raised handles on a base that allow you to have a comfortable grip so that you can both focus on your form, as well as getting deeper into your pushup to give you maximum results.

PowerStands Design

Tony Horton’s PowerStands are a raised handle on a round base, made of ABS plastic, which makes them extremely durable.  The handles are padded with a nice textured foam padding to help alleviate any pain or discomfort that you might find with other competitor products that do not have this padding.  I love the padding as I feel my entire focus is on my chest and not on any pain in my hands or wrist.

You can buy these PowerStands from Amazon for a much better deal than you would find locally or through BeachBody.

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